Dhritarashtra – ధృతరాష్ట్రుడు

In Mahabharatha it is basically a rivalry between Kauravas (sons of Drutharashtra) and Pandavas (sons of Pandu). Drutharashtra is the elder of the two brothers Pandu and Drutharashtra.

Drutharashtra is the blind by birth and as per the prevailing customs in those days a blind person was not allowed to be the king. So Pandu becomes the king .

The kauravas were always of the opinion that they are the true heirs to the Kuru dynasty but since their uncle Pandu is the king ,his sons Pandavas eldest son Dharmaraja was to be the prince,which Duryodhana the eldest of Kauravas did not like. So he always was hatching plots with his brothers to harm Pandavas.

Drutharashtra though blind was full of valour and learnt all the warfare lessons. He was extremely fond of his son Duryodhana.

Duryodhanas main ambition was to become the King Hastinapura, so to  achieve this he always troubled  Pandavas. Drutharashtra was always in support of his son Duryodhana though knowing that what was being done by his sons is wrong. Drutharashtra could not stop  Duryodhana from harassing the Pandavas.

When the Kuruskhetra war became inevitable, lord Krishna goes to the court of Duryodhana on behalf of Pandavas who were in exile. To this proposal of Krishna was rejected by Duryodhana and then also Drutharashtra supports his son. That was his unblemished love for his which forced him from correcting his wrongs knowing well that the acts of Duryodhana will lead the death of all his sons.

When Krishna comes to the court of Kauravas and advice’s them to make peace with Pandavas so that they all can  live in peace, but Duryodhana rejects the advice and asks Krishna to be tied.

Krishna then shows his full form Vishwaroopam and is visible to few in the court.

Knowing that krishna is exhibiting his actual form Drutharashtra begs Him to restore his eyesight just to see His Vishwaroopam. Krishna grants Drutharashtra with eyesight and after seeing the Viswaroopam of krishna, Druthrashtra asks Krishna to take back his eyesight as he does not want to see this world after seeing the Viswaroopam of Krishna.

Drutharashtra was furious at the Pandavas and especially at Bheema who kills Duryodhana in the war.

After the war when pandavas come to Drutharashtra to pay rtheir respects and seek his blessing Drutharashtra wants embrace Bheema. Krishna sensing trouble puts up a iron statue of Bheema which Drutharashtra embraces with such huge force of envy and anger the statue is broken to pieces. That was the fury of Drutharashtra against Bheema for killing Duryodhana.

When the statue id broken Drutharashtra feels sorry but krishna tells him that he has broken only a statue and Bheema is safe.

If we analyse the character Drutharashtra, we can conclude a father’s love of his children should be to put the children in the right way.had Druthrashtra stopped the wicked deeds of Duryodhana right in the beginning it would have been a different story. We should always strive to follow  the correct path and help everyone to follow what is good.

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