Vidura – విదురుడు


In today’s story let’s learn about another important character in Mahabharata. His name is Vidura. He is the Chief Minister of king Dhrutharashtra. Vidura is  very intelligent, and follower of Dharma. He is the incarnation of Lord Yama.

In the bygone days a hermit by name Mandavya was in deep penance in a forest. A group of thieves were being chased by the kings guards. The thieves while running in the forest come across the hermitage of Mandavya and they hid in the hut of the sage and keep the stolen property in his hut (house). The kings guards also reach  the hermitage and ask the Muni Mandvya regarding the thieves, As the sage was in deep penance, he doesn’t answer the guards even after they ask his repeatedly.

So the guards search the the house of the sage and find the stolen property. They assume the the sage is the thief and he is faking as if he is in penance. They take him to the king. All this  time the sage was unaware of what is happening. The  king also tries to find answer from the sage, but since he does not get an answer, he orders the sage to be pierced with a spear.

Even then the sage is totally lost to the world. Hearing about the news of the sage being arrested and punished by the king, all other hermits in the forest rush to the king and tell about he greatness of the sage Mandavya. The king also realizes that even after being pierced by a spear he has not uttered a word or shown any pain in his face. He releases him.

Sage Mandavya goes to Lord Yama and asks the reason for him being tortured by the king. Yama says while you wee a kid you used hurt lot small beings like ants etc. So for that sin committed you had the punishment .The sage says “I committed the sin when I small and was ignorant of Dharma, Ahimsa etc, but still for that I was punished . I curse you to be born in Bhooloka(Earth).” Yama was born as Vidura.

Vidura was a man of great knowledge. He advised the Pandavas many a time to uphold Dharma.

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