Mana Kadhalu means our stories. Stories are the foundation of human life. People have been telling and depicting stories from the ancient times. It is widely believed that in the past, the kids were taught everything through stories. Such a beautiful and simple way of imparting knowledge!

Go to any place in the world and you will find stories about their customs and traditions. If we look closely, all these stories are bound by one common factor – they tell us a lot about the life in that place. They tell us how life evolved in that particular region.

As kids we were told a wide variety of stories – Ramayana, Mahabharata, the Panchatantra tales, Jataka tales and a lot more. The best time for these stories used be dinner time. Most of the kids these days plop in front of the TV while eating dinner. I have fond memories of eating while listening to animated stories from my mom, aunts, uncles, grandma’s and grandpa’s! I still remember and cherish them!

This site is a small effort to bring those stories back to kids and adults too! I still love to listen to stories. I have learned new tidbits from the same old Indian Epics while I was telling them to my kids!

My husband and I share a love for our beautiful language – Telugu. We grew up reading stories from Chandamama and Amar Chitra Kadha books. Our boys love Amar Chitra Kadha as well. They always ask to buy more titles to add to their collection.

Although, kids these days read more than we did, listening to stories has a feel of its own. It let’s your mind wander and imagine. Also, some stories are better when you listen to them in your mother tongue. Since we encourage our boys to speak in Telugu, we thought having them listen to stories in Telugu would help.

My mom is a treasure trove of stories and she started recording these stories for our boys. They are hooked onto Mahabhaarata now and keep asking her for more stories about each character. This site is a collection of those stories.

She is a retired bank employee with an MA in Telugu literature. She loves fine arts and teaches carnatic music to little ones who fondly call her grandma!

You can go to the stories page to read and listen to the stories.

If you would like some specific stories, please do leave us a comment and we will try to give it to you.