Dhritarashtra – ధృతరాష్ట్రుడు

In Mahabharatha it is basically a rivalry between Kauravas (sons of Drutharashtra) and Pandavas (sons of Pandu). Drutharashtra is the elder of the two brothers Pandu and Drutharashtra. Drutharashtra is the blind by birth and as per the prevailing customs in those days a blind person was not allowed to be the king. So Pandu… Continue reading Dhritarashtra – ధృతరాష్ట్రుడు

Bhisma – part 4 – భీష్ముడు

When the final attempts to make peace between the Kauravas and Pandavas  fail, it leads to the Kurukshetra war, which was fought for a long time. Even though Pandavas were on the side of Dharma, they were unable to win because of Bhishma. Dhramaraja approaches Bhishma and seeks his advice to win the war as the war being… Continue reading Bhisma – part 4 – భీష్ముడు

Bhishma – part 3 – భీష్ముడు

Devwrath who in the latter stage was known as Bhishma  was very talented in all types of warfare. He excelled in all archery, wrestling etc. He learns a  very powerful weapon known as Brahmaastram from Sage Parasurama. Shanthanu who is the father of Devwrath gets married to Satyavathi and has two sons Vichitravirya and Chitangadha. Devwrath arranges… Continue reading Bhishma – part 3 – భీష్ముడు

Mahabhaarata – మహాభారతం

Mahabhaarata is an epic. It starts with The King Shantanu (king of Hastinapura) marrying Ganga. They have a son Bhishma. Later king Shantanu marries Satyavati. They have two sons – Vichitraveerya and Chitraanga. Chitraanga has three sons – Dritaraashtra, Pandu and Vidura. Dritaraashtra is blind by birth, so Pandu rules the kingdom even though he… Continue reading Mahabhaarata – మహాభారతం

Janamejayudu – జనమేజయుడు

Janamejaya is the son of the King Parikshith. King Parikshith was killed by snake bite as he was cursed to die that way by sage Mandavya. Janamejaya becomes angry with all snakes and vows to kill all snakes as they killed his father. To do this, he does a Sarpa Yaagam where a sacrificial fire is… Continue reading Janamejayudu – జనమేజయుడు