Janamejayudu – జనమేజయుడు

Janamejaya is the son of the King Parikshith. King Parikshith was killed by snake bite as he was cursed to die that way by sage Mandavya. Janamejaya becomes angry with all snakes and vows to kill all snakes as they killed his father. To do this, he does a Sarpa Yaagam where a sacrificial fire is… Continue reading Janamejayudu – జనమేజయుడు

Vinaayakudi Kadha – వినాయకుడి కధ

When we start something new, we perform Ganapati puja. That is usually the tradition. He is also called Vinaayaka, Ganaadhipati, Gajanana etc. He is called Ganaadhipati because he is the leader to some Ganaas. Ganaas are subordinates to God with some super powers. So, how did he become the leader to the Ganas? When it… Continue reading Vinaayakudi Kadha – వినాయకుడి కధ

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